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Promise Me” is a 1991 hit song by British singer Beverley Craven. A ballad, it has become Craven’s signature song and best known hit.

Released as the lead single of her debut album Beverley Craven in 1990, the song initially failed to chart. However, appearances in British TV and a successful UK tour prompted a re-release of the single, entering the charts in April 1991 and eventually peaking at number three in May. Its success helped her debut album also go to number three in the UK. The song also became successful when released around Europe.

The song has been covered numerous times, most notably it was reworked as a dance song by group Lazard, who re-titled the song “4 O’Clock (In the Morning)”. Other cover versions are by Jodie Brooke Wilson, Hind, Lutricia McNealSandy Lam or, more recently, Spanish artist Rosa López released a Spanish version (titled “Júrame”) in 2008; also Mexican actress Chantal Andere sang this song in 1992.

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